Thursday, July 30, 2009

...Drake's Take on Dating, courtesy of "Teen Diaries"

So, this interview is a little old (May)..but I randomly came across it while I was looking for something else....I think y'all will LOVE it!!!! enjoy...
TD Radio hosts Esh, Nic, Chell, and Moiba scored and exclusive interview with the most buzzed about rapper in the game, DRAKE.

ESH: When you first meet a girl that you’re interested in, should she give you her number or should she wait until you give her yours?

DRAKE: You know, to me it kind of depends on how the conversation plays out. I don’t think there’s an etiquette as far as extending the means of communication - you know what I mean? Whomever initiates the communication, I feel like that’s on me. If the girl gives me her number, I’ll wait a bit then text her; ask her how her night is going or if she got home safe.

ESH: How long do you wait?

DRAKE: It depends on the girl to be honest. If I’m leaving, I might text her 10 minutes after I leave and tell her she looks beautiful. It all depends on the moment.

NIC: How do you know if a woman is the one?

DRAKE: I haven’t really mastered that yet, I’ve been deceived one too many times when I thought it was right you know? I mean to me, I’ll tell you what my grandmother said that resonated with me and probably will for the rest of my life: “I’m 96 years old and it’s crazy to know that life is actually coming to an end shortly. But at the end of it all, never regret expressing your emotions because really all you have at this point are memories and moments.” So if you can create a moment for yourself, you can be with a female and it if never works out, you still have great memories of that girl. That’s something to value.” When I do find the one, I’ll have an answer to that question but for now I don’t.

CHELL: Do girls who dress provocatively get your respect?

DRAKE: Me personally, I’m into fashion so provocatively but carrying yourself well is one thing but tacky and provocative is another. There are beautiful pieces that fall the right way on a woman but may have her back exposed. It’s really all about how you carry yourself. If you carry yourself with class then you know, exposing a bit of what your blessed with is not necessarily a bad thing. There’s a certain way to do it and it depends on the woman and her presence.

MOIBA: In the song ‘Every Girl’ you said that once a girl brings her friend around it makes you reconsider. Have you ever done that?

DRAKE: Yes, I’ve had a couple situations where I’d be talking to a girl and she’ll bring her friend around and I’ll be like damn I wish would have met you. It happens.

ESH: Why do guys act like they don’t care when they know they do?

DRAKE: Honestly it’s so funny, like sometimes you realize what a game interacting with the opposite sex is like it’s truly…it’s almost like the over analyzing, calculation like…if you’re careless with it you could make mistakes. Like me, I really think things through. I want every single text message to be worded properly, times, places, and part of that is acting like you don’t care. For example, getting a text message and acting like you don’t care. But I’m going to be honest, I am attracted to challenging, intelligent women. For some reason those type of women know how to manipulate the game so you fall for them - you know what I mean? You gotta learn how to counteract. It’s a war going on out here I’m telling you, it really is.

ESH: Is it a cool thing for guys to act like they don’t care?

DRAKE: The worst thing you can do is…when you become that guy, when you go through a situation where you really care and love for somebody and she’s still hung up or in love with a guy that can care less about her. That can really take a toll on a man, when you know you’re willing to do anything for that girl and a guy who is willing to do nothing for her has her heart. I’m 22 years old so maybe in my age bracket that’s something that goes on frequently. That can change you as a man, you’re gonna be like I don’t want to be a nice guy anymore, I wanna be the other guy. I’ve been in this type of situation a couple times and I’m proud to be the guy that’s always open with my emotions. I wear my heart on my sleeve a lot and it causes me to get hurt from time to time. I also never had any regrets and no woman can ever say “he never told me what was real,” I always make sure I communicate with a woman and let her know how I feel. So, it’s really all about being confident with yourself as long as you can take pride in the way you dealt with the situation. When it goes sour it goes south and you should be somewhat alright at the end of it.

NIC: What is the longest relationship you’ve been in and why did it end?

DRAKE: The longest relationship I’ve been in is 9 months to be honest, which is not a long time at all. But my life has changed drastically like twice. I started doing a television show [Degrassi: The Next Generation] and that caused me to change things in my life then I started doing music and again. I’m never home , I have to travel a lot more. I’ve been going through massive changes where it’s hard for me to keep a girlfriend. The woman I end up with is going to have to be a woman that is involved in this biz too, so that she understands and we can find common ground. But my relationship ended because it was too draining. I was exhausted and the trust depleted by the day and eventually it was built on arguing. That’s just not healthy.

CHELL: So what do you feel is the most attractive personality trait on a female?

DRAKE: I like a woman that is well spoken, I love to have conversation. Great conversation can really make me fall for a woman. Just getting to know her can solidify things for me. I love a woman that’s well spoken. I also like when a woman knows how to carry herself, knows what looks good on her, smells good on her, has a presence where she commands respect. I find that very attractive, and obviously looks. I am attracted to a beautiful woman, I don’t necessarily have a type per say, I’m just attracted to you know a beautiful woman.

NIC: Is it true that guys don’t feel short hair? Do girls with short hair get just as much love as girls with long hair?

DRAKE: I like girls with short hair, I don’t mind it.

ESH: What about weave?

DRAKE: If I go on air disrespecting weave, I’ve eliminated so many women so I am all pro weave at this point. Yeah, do your thing. As long as it doesn’t slip out or is a nappy lace front.

MOIBA: You said earlier that you’d like to deal with someone in the industry so does this outlaw everyone else or what?

DRAKE: You know what, at this point in my life sort of. I’m never one to close the door or rule something completely out, but what I want right now in my life as a 22 year old guy who has a lot of work ahead of him is a woman that has a little more experience in this than me so we can grow together and I can learn from her you know? So yeah, that’s kind of what I’m looking for.

ESH: So let us know what’s next for you Drake, before we let you go.

DRAKE: I’m working on my album, you know I have a very special album coming for people on that album day. It’s going to be a great day for anyone that’s a fan of Drake because I’m going to give you a lot of extra things you know? Like I’ve been giving away my music for free for a long time so I plan to make my album release day very entertaining. I’m going to give them the album, but I’m also going to give a little more than that. I’m on tour all summer, I’m out here, I’m blessed to be in the position I’m in and I thank everybody for the support. Thanks for the interview. I appreciate y’all so much and I hope everything goes well on your end.