Friday, December 31, 2010


...there is nothing else you should be doing

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kevin Ford's 21st Bday Soirée

If you didn't know... This is the move for New Year's Day!

We will be there to take pictures and videos so ladies need to step out beautifully and dudes come stuntin! Haha
Heres the deetz!
Saturday at 10:00pm-Sunday at 2:00am

Hampton Conference Center
207 West Hampton Place
Capitol Heights, MD

Performances by
VA's Big Lean
1017 Brick Squad's Blair Maxxxberry
Reaction Band...Enough Said!

All this for only $10 bucks!

And we can't forget our hosts:

Send your names to to get on the guestlist!

There will be a Live CD and Video Recording!!
And FREE giveaways all night!!!
You won't want to miss this!

Monster Music Video ::: Kanye West

Kanye West ft. Rick Ross, Jay-z, Nicki Minaj presents new video for their hit Monster!
There is definiety a sick, demented theme going on throughout.

I love the 30 second mark with the red nails against Kanye's brown skin.

The blue satin sheets at the 53 second mark is crack.

And Nicki's part SUPER CUTE to say the least especially the 3:55 mark!

Monday, December 27, 2010

G ::: New Years Resolution of my favorite songs by him. When a rapper pick's his or her beats wisely, fireworks happen. I feel like this song reflects that.

...quiet, silver and gold New Year's fireworks


"Until now my future was the wrong resolution"

Because you should love it...

don't fast forward if you love suspense


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tighten Up ::: The Black Keys

One of the cutest videos ever.
How clever.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Medley Cover

Random pianist on Youtube covers My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West.
He plays Runaway, Dark Fantasy, All of the Lights (Interlude), All of the Lights, and Blame Game.
T I G H T.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Swizz Beatz::: Investments in Art

Swizz Beatz tell us about how to invest in art and what to look for when you decide to invest.
He has some helpful tips.

Christmas in Harlem (Final Verison)

Yay!! Heres the final verison of Christmas in Harlem Kanye ft. Cam'ron, Jim Jones, Vado, Cyhi Da Prynce, Pusha -T, Musiq Soulchild, Teyana Taylor, Big Sean!

Nicki Minaj xxx Envy xxx Success

Nicki Minaj speaks on Envy and Success....

Jay Electronica x Mountain Dew ::: The Announcement Commercial

.... a commercial? Wow. Lovez the acapella part!

Coldplay ::: Christmas Lights


Price Akeem ::: I Am Akeem

DMG is an army.

"s o u l f l i g h t...what up? we gets busy" :)

"the ice around my neck givin' me the cold shoulder"

Adele ::: Rolling in the Deep

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS! We've been waiting foreverrr for Adele's sophomore album, and it's official release date in the U.S. is February 22, 2010. She worked with Rick Rubin on a lot of the tracks. It's called 22. Here's the video for her first single, "Rolling In The Deep"

Rick Ross x Wiz Khalifa ::: RetroSuperFuture

A smoke song preview before the rest of his tape drops on Christmas Eve. Ross stole our hearts over the summer, and he's keeping it through the winter. Super smart.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snoop Dogg xxx A Christmas Story

Snoop Dog tells a christmas story in light of the season and also to promote Pepsi Max.
I just thought this was hilarious!
"But he was tired of warm milk and chocolate chip cookies"

Q&A with Wiz Khalifa

Aw...Look at Wiz : )

Wale ft. Llyod :::Let's Chill

Yay new music from Wale ♥
" I just want to make love to your mind"

"Penatrate her mentally"

Wale always knows what to say!

Love it!
Download below

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Slutty Boyz ::: Chu Don't Dew


UCB ::: The Blend

Hope you're ready for The Board Administration's 2011 Takeover...first up, UCB!!!!!!

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Byyyyyyyyyrd..happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're not really making entertainment moves in the DMV if you don't know her.

Follow her on Twitter @igotit4free, then wish her Happy Birthday

Guess how we met?
We just sparked up a conversation about music and the DMV while we were waiting to meet Jay-Z. This was wayyyy back...(I was SIXTEEN!)
a.k.a....she's an angel that was placed on Earth for a reason
...this was way before Soulflight was even a thought, and she's held down the dream ever since.
Now, she has business bubbling up all over the place.

Live it up Byrd, and celebrate because you deserve it!

your girls at
s o u l f l i g h t

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

2 more days til...

Chu Don't Dew

Happy Birthday Slutty P!

One of the Slutty Boyz has a birthday today!!!! You may love him for his raps, hilarious ad-libs, or just because :)
...he's 20!

...he'll see it soon enough :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Young Pop ::: 1000 Degrees

I remember when I first saw a video of Young Pop on Facebook. I thought that both his style and performance were much more interesting and attractive than most local rappers I’d seen at the time. Then, we interviewed him. Our respect and admiration for his artistry grew more, and it’s been growing ever since.

Then we heard THIS….

His tone, energy, and approach are a little different than usual.

It’s more manly…

It’s more disrespectful…

“unleashed” is the best word to describe it. I don’t know what type of rapper-juice Young Pop’s been sippin on, but it’s working. He sounds hungry…and we LOVE it. The detail and imagery in his metaphors contribute to the many things that set him apart from artists who share his level of experience and exposure. His high-energy flow on the song pretty much starts off in overdrive and never fuses out. It is a nice contrast to his usual chill, dougie-esque songs. (which we also love!) 1000 Degrees just shows that Young Pop is capable of more. Most importantly, it shows his growth.

This song was a trending topic on Twitter a few days ago, which is a huge accomplishment. We caught up with him to see what he had to say about the song and the buzz it drew up…

“I love this kind of Wayne…this vintage, mix tape Wayne. I love the original song. I just wrote to the beat, had a vision for what I wanted the end result to sound like, and did it. I liked the turn out and I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from my fans… It means a lot to know that people take the time to listen to my music, because I put a lot of thought and time into what I write.”

Download Young Pop ::: 1000 Degrees

...let us know what you think!

Nike Nando ::: Gorgeous

I think this rapper and this beat make a nice match :)

"10 rounds with a feather weight"

"people so anime... I mean characters"

"they crazy if they think my spanish ass gonna stop"...como? Nando, eres Latino?

2:24-2:26 ...nice lil musical finish

Chrisette Michele ::: Goodbye Game Video

Her voice is so magical...

Kanye West is MTV'S Man of the Year's interesting that Yeezy's downward spiral revived on the same network it started on

Rick Ross x TI ::: 9 piece

Here's somethin good for the winter.
You can here some old Trap Muzik-Clifford Harris at the beginning of TI's verse.
It's crazy to think about how far both of these rappers of come.

"no Def Jam, went solo."

9 piece

this is off of Rick Ross' new tape Ashes to Ashes dropping Christmas Eve

Mechanial Dummy x Chris Brown ::: Breezy Art

All you real Chris Breezy fans know how much he likes to draw. Well, he's finally taking his talent to the next level. Mechanical Dummy sat down to interview Chris Brown about his passion for creating visual art.

Breezy Art from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.

Friday, December 17, 2010

3 more days til...

Chu Don't Dew

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jessie J

Was I the only one not hip to this phenomenal singer, Jessie J?
I hope not.
I was recently introduced to this artist who is a Caucasian female from the UK.
Shoutout to Lesley for the hip. : )

She is undeniable talent. Her voice is so raw, clean, and soulful. We don't have to many of this voices out there right now.
You would not except that voice to come out her. Wow
When I heard her I had to blog it.
Whew she can sing.
So for all of you not hip like I was watch the videos you'll be impressed.
I really like her style.
These are the kind of artist s o u l f l i g h t loves.

My favorite! Girl power! She kills it! ♥

You can find more videos on her Youtube channel

Jessie J Youtube Channel

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lil Wayne x Cory Gunz ::: 6'7"

What does this song remind you of?

p.s. ummm...I want to know if you like Cory Gunz...?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Jamie Foxx ft. Drake xxx Fall For Your Type

Check new out video for "Fall For Your Type" by Jamie Foxx ft. Drake..
I really like the video and love the song.
The main woman in the video is gorgeous.
Jamie actually has a new album coming out December 21st, Best Night of My Life.
I'm interested to see how that turns out. I feel it has the potential to be really good.
Check it out below.

Amber Rose::: You be Killin' Em

Amber stars in Fabulous's new video " You be Killin' Em".

Whew she is too bad for her own good!
I love this song by the way.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Alo!!!!!

It's Alo's birthday yall!!
One of our homies from preHistoric!
Hope you have an amazing birthday!
Your Soulflight girls

DMG Presents...Laced DC

If you love there

If you love rappers...who can there

If you love rappers who can rap who wear cute sneakers...and you wanna get some new ones? BE THERE.


Young Dro x T.I. x Gucci Mane ::: Freeze Me Video

I've been praying to the Hip-Hop Gods [no blasphemy] for a video to this song!!!!!!!

#shoutout to Gucci diggin for gold
#shoutout to T.I. ayee
#shoutout to Gucci's soulflight pink shirt! ow
#shoutout to Ross we wish you were in it...

#shoutout to Young Dro's flow...and his swag...and his flow...and his swag...his flow? o.m.g.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

As an all girl team getting our hustle up, we look up to you so much...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

"I Am Woman...Hear Me Roar"


Slutty Boyz x Roger Beat Music x The Franchise @ Club Liv this Friday!

Club Liv

2001 11th St NW
Washington, DC 20009

U Street Corridor

It's great that three different music groups are coming together for a show, that's what hip-hop is about. Lovezzzz it!!!!

We only have pics of our beloved Slutty Boyz, but you're going to the event to see all the artists up close and personal anyway right??? yeah ok, cool.

The Record Pool ::: Fat Trel at 12 Lounge///December 9

This is a huge event! There will be SO MANY different artists from all over the DMV in the building so you should go, enjoy the scene, and get your network on!
The flyer uploads super small :( here's the info:

-Fat Trel
-Phil Ade
-Tese Fever
-Jay Millz
-Bear Witnez Her Rawness

-DJ J-$crilla
-DJ EZ Street
-DJ Gemini
-DJ J Buttah
-DJ Heat
-DJ Lady Blaze
-DJ Rob
-DJ Jav
-DJ T-Dubb
-DJ Soyo

-Ab The Pro
-Certified Beats

HOST : Dre "All Day"

Kanye West x Jay-Z x Rick Ross x Nicki Minaj x Bon Iver ::: Monster Video Preview

shoutout to Morgie-Morg for the hip! thanks...


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

G ::: Scrimmages

First of all, we want to congratulate G on the success of his mixtape ! He has over 2,000 downloads now :)

After dropping his tape this past Halloween, G now brings you Scrimmages--some "warm up" tracks if you will. He's delivering singles to stay on top of his game and his hard work, practice, and dedication is definitely a reflection of these three tracks. If you don't take a listen, you're missing out...

Creep is my favorite! Bless this child for the flow on this song.

The Reason

In the Mornin' (...callin all the freaks!)

p.s. one of the most exciting things to do is witness the growth of an artist, we love you Greg!

World Aids Day Campaign Success

We'd like to thank everyone who participated in our "Wear Red" campaign this past week. It was a huge success :) We reached a lot of people all over in Maryland, Washington, D.C., New York, South Carolina, Atlanta, Florida, Philadelphia, New Orleans, and New Jersey. Not everyone was able to send us a picture but we want to thank those of you who did....

If you missed our posts make sure you check out....

President Obama's World Aids Day Proclamation

HIV/AIDS USA Statistics

World Wide HIV/AIDS Statistics


Some art found by our photographer Marli Washington that was produced in honor of the special day. It's brought to you by MTV...

Thanks Again!

p.s. If we forgot your picture message us at Soulflight Nation on Facebook or email us at to let us know!