Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dear Wale,

We do birthdays big over here...like

And as one of our favorite rappers we want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! while reminding you of all the other reasons you should be celebrating.
From this...

and my first fav song...

to this...

Wale on stage at Verizon Center from Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 Tour

...you have truly been an inspiration to us, and especially to fellow DMV, hip-hop loving natives who've been waiting for the day that competitive talent would emerge from our area, then come back to rebuild a supportive, hip-hop movement. I've paid $10 to see you live at a go-go. The video above this has you rapping on a stage that my friend's mom paid hundreds of dollars for! And, according to your old OLD myspace page that that first picture is saved from...your influence and favorite rapper is Jay-Z. Ummmmm...in case you didn't notice, that was Jay-Z's concert you were at! :)
My point is that, birthdays are not just meant to celebrate the new year you are about to start, they are also meant to commemorate all of the amazing years past. And you have a lot of commemorating to do. So... on behalf of a whole lot of people who look at this blog, have an amazing-kick-ass birthday! We hope that today is the best day of your life.


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