Friday, September 10, 2010

Young Pop

I’m so excited about this interview! We weren’t sure if it was going to happen, but after scheduling, rescheduling, and phone tag…we got it! The week before we left for college we were able to meet up with Young Pop, ask him some questions, take some photos, and even grab some Chipotle!

You probably know Jeremy “Young Pop” Jones from his famous YouTube freestyles. What you probably don’t know is that he reigns from Atlanta, Georgia, more specifically, Jonesboro. After traveling to Bowie, MD every summer to spend time with his family, he eventually made it a permanent move and now the DMV is his home. He’s been honing his rap skills for years. But, don’t let his baby face fool you. He’s at the ripe age of 20 and he’s more than ready to show and prove. His lyrics are full of wit and his delivery beams charisma. If you’ve never hit up his YouTube page then you may know him from his other enterprise, DMV Followers. He and his partner, Matthew Talley, are the masterminds behind the immense twitter movement. The best way to get to know him is to watch the video below :) Enjoy...

Young Pop Interview from Soul Flight on Vimeo.

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p.s. Since this interview, Young Pop has planned the production and release of his first mixtape. So check back here for it, because, we’re also excited to announce that we officially promote him! So you can count on us for news, music, and exclusive behind the scenes footage.