Saturday, January 22, 2011

An Evening with Nikki Giovanni : World Renowned Poet and Activist

Tuesday night I had the opportunity to go hear Ms.Nikki Giovanni herself speak. Her presence is so powerful. She is 67 years old and still has the ability to hold the attention of eager college students. What I enjoyed the most about Ms.Giovanni was her honesty in all of her uncensored remarks. Although she focused her lecture on the Civil Rights Movement she shared her opinions on Gay Marriage, President Obama, and even Interracial Dating. Sky Diving is one of my favorite Nikki Giovanni poems... I feel like we can all relate to it in one way or another.

Sky Diving

I hang on the edge
of this universe
singing off-key
talking too loud
embracing myself
to cushion the fall

I shall tumble
into deep space
never in this form
or with this feeling
to return to earth

It is not tragic

I will spiral
through that Black hole
losing skin limbs
internal organs
my naked soul

in the next galaxy
with only my essence
embracing myself

I dream of you

"If we don't have art, we don't have life"