Monday, January 31, 2011

s o u l f l i g h t::: New Website!

Hey guys! We are beyond excited for the launch of our brand new website dropping Tuesday February 1st!!! We have been working soooooo extremely hard trying to take soulflight up a gazillon notches!! We've been making trips from all parts of New York to Washington DC and back. We've had endless sleepless nights, conference calls, and video chats to make this website a reality. We've been waiting too long to launch this site and are more than ready to give you all something new!
It's finally here!
With this new website we will be able to better convey what we are and who we are!
Y'all are not ready!

In the video below is just a preview of some of the stuff we have in store!

Oh by the way I edited this! I'm proud of myself!!
hehehe : )
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