Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fat Trel

Sooo, if you’re a DMV resident and call yourself a fan of hip-hop I got a question for you….what do you think about Fat Trel? If you don’t know who I’m talking about… kill yourself. But really, this 20 year old rapper is the best thing Washington, D.C. has to offer right now and we’ve got our own personal interview to get you hip. Even though his bold tattoos and piercing golden green eyes may startle you, there’s nothing more captivating than his music. His lyrics are honest and raw. Sometimes his style is slow and melodic on songs such as SLUTTY BOY SWAG. But, he’s most notable for gritty, pulverizing flows like on songs such as DIAMONDS ON MY NECK and SHOWOUT ft. G. He consistently kills every song he gets his hands on. His vulgarity is refreshing. His confidence propels him far past his contemporaries. Even though his buzz is local, his fanbase stretches from Las Vegas to London. It’s hard to call him a newcomer. His most notable accomplishment to date has been teaming up with Wale and the Board of Administration and The Basshedz. After writing his first rap in 3rd grade, he’s definitely come a long way, now going verse for verse with Wale on songs such as OH LETS DO IT

Check out the video below to get up close and personal…we’re working on getting new mics,so in the meantime you can follow along below the video to read anything that isn’t audible.

Fat Trel from Soul Flight on Vimeo.

Okay, so how is everything with you?

Everything good

So we know that you’re a rapper, but tell us little about yourself?

Nothing much, you know I like ESPN basketball you know sports, slight shit like that.

So you’re from DC right?

Yeah I am, Northeast

E Street

1600 Block

So is that an important element of your music, do you feel like it defines you as an artist?

It is because it made me. You know what I’m saying, it made me who I am. It created my subject of the matter. It created the everything the shoes I like, the clothes I wear, the girls I like, it created everything about me so yeah it is a big part of the whole movement and everything I do.

Tell us about your latest mixtape release The Youngest Running The City.

The Youngest Running the City dropped, what, early April.

2,000 downloads on the internet. 3,000 cds distributed in the streets. A couple shows with Wale with a couple songs on that mixtape.

What’s your favorite song from the mixtape?

My favorite song from the mixtape would be E Street Baby


I mean, because, it like…first of all the day I recorded E Street baby was the day I came home. So it kind of like defines the fact that no matter what I go through know what I’m saying, this is what I do and can’t nobody stop me from doing that shit.

Who are you currently signed to?

I’m currently signed to no one. I’m solo right now. I have three producers and one is my manager. They are the Bassheads. And right now the bassheadz have a joint venture with Wale and his record label which is the Board of Administration. I’m currently signed under no one, though.

Do you have any major record label plans?

Like do I have a certain label who I want to go to?


If I could choose I would probably go with Def Jam, maybe Brick Squad, you know my fools

What’s your relationship with Wale?

What’s my relationship with him? I mean that’s my brother. know what I’m saying that’s my brother…a friend, you know, of course we got that artist to artist bond you know from us being from the same area, in a way, it kind of like put the icing on the cake you know what I’m saying because before music we know what to talk about as far as anything goes know what I’m saying so yeah.

How has that helped your career?

It helps it a lot because for me being 19 and him being in the industry how long he’s been he gives me wisdom you know …what to do and the do’s and don’ know whether public or in the studio or know he gives me a lot of pointers so it helps me a lot

How’d y’all meet ?

We met umm… i performed in the club… club pure on U street and his manager was there and his manager I guess told him about me the night that he left and some how he got my number and he called me the next morning.

If you could pick 3 words to describe your music what would those three words be?




Okay so tell us about your musical influences, as far as other rappers you admire or you like their sound.

Music influences…my number one favorite artist is Rick Ross I listen to him more than anything. I listen to Gucci mane… you know lil wayne, fabulous, I listen to a lot of r&b too.

Can you tell us about some of your current projects?

My current projects, Well Youngest Running the City is still circulating the streets and the internet and everything like that. Im currently working on No Secretz the mixtape, Made in DC the album, either your sleeping your ur scared mixtape all production done by Young Clip

Do you have any dates for those releases?

No I don’t actually, but by the time school should start back up…its No Secretz

Our last question is if your music was an animal what kind of animal would it be and why?

If my music was an animal it would be a Gorilla why because the gorilla is the biggest the boldest and it got the most heart but at the same time it cares because the gorilla takes care of his whole family.


…and He makes it look easy. You can download his latest mixtape YOUNGEST RUNNING THE CITY here…

usershare download

datpiff download

Be on the lookout for his highly anticipated mixtape NO SECRETZ. His next performance will be at the 930 club on August 8th! Until then, be sure to call in to 93.9 WKYS and 95.5 WPGC to request Fat Trel.

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P.S. This is our first personal interview with an artist meaning all footages, pictures, and editing was done by us! Oh also, the song used in the very beginning is SHOW MY AZZ ft. The Slutty Boyz