Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pharrell x Diggy at K!dult Conference

This is the most inspirational clip I've seen in months. Like....I will go back and watch this the way I watch Fade To Black [a.k.a. crack. if you haven't seen that, go watch it...like asap.] If this isn't reassuring motivation I don't know what is!!!!!!

"...chasing a curiousity..."

"...chase my passions..."

p.s. "Kidult is a news and entertainment website for teens created by Pharrell Williams. Inspired by his young fans, he believed they deserved a website that respected their intelligence and covered their diverse interests—from science to fashion. It's the site Pharrell wishes he had when he was a teenager. Most of the other kids didn't get him and it was always more fun to have conversations with adults. With kidult.com, Pharrell introduces a place where the stories reflect your life and interests, but don't talk down to you. After all, Pharrell knows you're ready to rule the world. Think of kidult.com as your GPS."

for more information log onto http://www.kidult.com